The Fragrance

Tous Happy Moments is something unexpected; a wild dream and a sweet caprice: Clementine and fresh pineapple as a top notes, two fruit notes that prepare us for wonderful freshness. Surprise! Something unexpected! Green ivy, the fearless energy of the most intrepid plant.

Heart: yellow daisies, white jasmine, a touch of popcorn and … a floral surprise: blue orchid

Bottom notes: golden musk, cedar and,… to be wildly happy, a sweet touch: White chocolate!
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Life is breathtaking and gives us moments full of great emotions; it can all lead us to happiness if we follow this advice: “enjoy the little things”.
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Is there a color for happiness? Happy moments are always filled with blue: the blue up in the sky, the blue of the sea, the blue of... Tous Happy moments!

Daisies are the flowers that symbolize joy.

The box... is still the Moments Collection!! Life is a blank sheet of paper and you are the one who can choose how to decorate it.
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